Children's Behavioral Health Summit


The behavioral health issues facing our children today have significantly increased. Children's mental health hospitalizations, this school year alone, reached over 250. More than 653 children were reported homeless in our county. In the St. Johns County Public Schools, nearly 28% of high school students and 8% of middle school students have used alcohol in the past 30 days. These are just some of the alarming statistics affecting the youth in our community.

The St. Johns County Behavioral Health Consortium hosted the first Children's Behavioral Health Summit, on October 23, to identify issues and plan strategies to combat the growing needs of our youth. The collaboration of stakeholders comprised of state and local government officials, school district personnel, law enforcement, child serving agencies, behavioral healthcare providers and youth, gathered to collaborate our efforts in "Making Children a Priority in our Community."


Through the gathering of advocates for children's services we will identify the needs, available resources, the barriers, and the recommendations for improvement of substance abuse and mental health services for our youth in St. Johns County.





Children's Behavioral Health Summit

St. Johns County Behavioral Health Consortium