Development Resources

Investigating Potential Land Use

  • Development Tracker
    Interactive Mapping tool that shows pending and approved permits.
  • Land Use Permitting
    Resources to assist with determining permissible land use.
  • Development Review Manual
    Includes applications and forms, as well as information on application submittal requirements, review procedures, and decision-making processes.
  • Map Mart
    Zoning, Land Use and Development Maps can be found here.
  • IMAP Layers (Land Use, Zoning, Utility Zones, Overlay Districts, etc.)
    Interactive mapping that will allow you to enter an address or property id, locate the property and related information.
  • 2025 Comprehensive Plan (Land Use Element)
    St. Johns County land use planning.
  • Land Development Code
    The Land Development Code contains most of the land development regulations governing the development of property within unincorporated St. Johns County.
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
    The St. Johns County Community Redevelopment Agency was established to promote, coordinate and fund a variety of residential and commercial redevelopment efforts in three community redevelopment areas.

We're Here to Assist

The Growth Management team can assist with questions you may have about permitting and land use. For More Information Contact Planning and Zoning at (904) 209-0675, or contact the St. Johns County Department of Economic Development Office for a personalized introduction to the development process in St. Johns County.