Environmental Division

roseate spoonbillsA Multi-Faceted Approach

The Environmental Division oversees a multi-facted program to protect and conserve the natural and cultural resources of St. Johns County.

We focus on four distinct but interrelated areas:

  • Land Development Code Compliance Section evaluates proposed new development and construction in St. Johns County for environmental and cultural protections and compliance with the County’s Land Development Code.
  • Habitat Conservation Section ensures protection of the County’s endangered animal and plant species and protection of critical habitats.
  • Historic Resource Section identifies historic resources in St. Johns County and aids in their preservation for the public’s benefit. Historic Resources include archaeological sites, houses and buildings, cemeteries and graves, historic roadways, and a range of objects and documents. The section also serves regulatory functions associated with Land Development Code policies, and maintains collections of documents and artifacts accessible for research and education.
  • Land Resource Management Section manages the County’s permitting and mitigation projects as well as acquires and manages County land for recreation and conservation. This Section also implements the County’s Land Acquisition and Management Program.