Dependency Team

child sitting with dadWho You Work With

  • Dependency Case Manager
  • Family Support Professional
  • Independent Living Coordinator
  • Other Professionals may include the following intervention specialists: mental health, substance abuse, school readiness, social service eligibility, foster parents, and parenting coordinators.

You will be assigned a Dependency Case Manager from the Family Integrity Program who will guide, support and supervise you and your child. Your assigned Dependency Case Manager will speak with you at least once per month and will assist in notifying you for court appearances, case plan meetings, and other appointments or contacts.

Your Dependency Case Manager's job is to protect child and youth safety, help you in strengthening your family, and facilitate problem solving toward an appropriate resolution regarding your child's safety.

You may also work with a Family Support Professional who assists with providing necessary transportation and other case related tasks.

Independent Living Life Coordinator

The Independent Living Program works to transition youth in foster or group care toward self-sufficiency after age 18. Educational, life skills, peer and supplemental living support are just a few of the programs facilitated by the Family Integrity Program Life Coordinator.