building & demolition related Information

The Review Process

The Fire Prevention Division (Fire Marshal’s Office) is a part of the review process for all building permits relating to construction, modification, alteration, or demolition of structures in the unincorporated areas of St. Johns County, and in the City of St. Augustine Beach.

Detached one and two-family homes and related accessory structures are exempt from review by our office. The only review or inspection we provide for these dwellings are for installation of residential fire sprinkler systems.

Our goal is to perform our functions of plan review, permitting, and inspection in an efficient, courteous, and professional manner. To accomplish this, we have made a number of changes designed to help you obtain permits and approved inspections without delays.

Information Packages

To keep you informed of these changes, and to let you know what to expect from our staff, we provide informational packages. The packages for fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems have information useful to architects, engineers, and general contractors, as well as for alarm and fire protection contractors. Information is available in Permits & Forms and Checklists & Guidelines.