Checklists & Guidelines

Checklists, information packets, guidelines, and miscellaneous downloads for contractors and business owners / managers.

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need the latest version of Acrobat Reader to view them.

Checklists & Guidelines
These checklists are intended to be used only as a guideline. They are items that are commonly missed during inspections. Please call our office with any questions, (904) 209-1740.
Alarm Annual Hood Annual
Alarm Final Hood Final
Building Final Membrane Structure Final
Business Annual Mercantile Annual
Calcium Carbide Storage Private Service Water Mains
Cellulose Nitrate Film Final Self Service Stations
Clean Agent System Final Sprinkler Final
Compressed Gas Sprinkler Standpipe
Fire Extinguisher Tent
Fire Pump Annual Tire Storage
Flammable & Combustible Liquids Wet Chem
General Annual  
Guidelines (for submittal of plans for review)
Fire Alarm  
Sealed Design Criteria – Sprinkler Sealed Design Criteria – Fire Alarm
Child Care Centers Booklet
Includes monthly checklist forms.
Exit Drill Checklist for Childcare Centers
Common Code Violations
Portable Fire Extinguishers Handout
Fee Schedule
How to test emergency lights and exit signs
Monthly Lighting Test Form
Fire Watch Handout
St. Johns County Crowd Control Guidelines