Salary & Benefits

compensation package


Firefighters assigned to the Operations Section work a 24 hour shift. All other positions with the exception of Fire Rescue Communications work 8 hour shifts. Shift work: Working 24 consecutive hours and off 48 hours.


Firefighter/EMT positions start at $38,883.67.

Specialty Pay

  • Paramedic - $8800/year

  • Special Operations, Marine Rescue, or Fire Investigator - $1,560/year

  • Rescue Assignment - $60/shift

Educational Incentive

  • 2 year degree in related field $150/quarterly

  • 4 year degree in related field $330/quarterly


Tuition Sponsorships

  • St. Johns County Fire Rescue aggressively trains personnel in all fire rescue related aspects.

  • Throughout the year, courses offered include the certification programs of Fire Officer I and II, Fire Safety Inspector I, Pump Operators, and Hazardous Material Technician.

  • Additional courses related to such specialty operations as trench rescue, confined space and high angle are available at specified points during the year.

Paid Vacation, Holidays and Sick Leave

Applies to shift personnel.

  • 120 paid vacation hours/year (increases to 180 with 3 years service)

  • 8 paid holidays per year for 24 hour Shift personnel

    • On duty personnel receive 2.5 times salary for 24 hours

    • Off duty personnel receive a "banked" 24 hours of usable leave

  • 144 paid sick hours accrued annually

  • Funeral leave

  • Military leave

  • Birthday leave (24 hours leave)


St. Johns County Fire Rescue

Dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism in public safety and life-saving services with the commitment to serve, ability to perform and courage to act.