Geocaching St Johns County Recreation and Parks Department

with the St. Johns County
Parks and Recreation Department

Geocaching is a fun outdoor treasure hunt game that can be enjoyed on your own or with friends and family. The St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Department has hidden caches all around our County parks and created this handy, mobile-friendly site to help you find them. Now, it's up to you to choose your coordinates and get hunting!


  • A list of places.
  • A GPS reciever or smartphone with GPS or a geocaching app.
  • Items to leave in the cache if you want to take items.
  • A pen and notebook.
  • A sense of adventure as you set out on your hunt!


  • Always bring something to leave behind if you plan to take an item.
  • Keep your items safe and family-friendly.
  • Don't move or remove a cache.
  • Be respectful of the environment and other park visitors.
  • Leave no trace! Please don't dig or leave trash behind.


You'll find items behind rocks. hidden in bushes and under leaves. Maybe in a nook in a tree or beside a path. You won't need to dig, as the items aren't buried, just tucked in areas that are out of plain sight.


For more information about the St. Johns County Parks and Recreation geocaching program, please contact Teddy Meyer at (904) 209-0382 or



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