Turtle Tracks

Sea Turtle HatchlingsFast Facts Sea Turtle Diet:

Sea Turtles are toothless animals; instead, they use powerful beak-like jaws to crush, bite and tear food.

A Sea Turtle’s jaw is specific to the variety of food it eats.

A Sea Turtle’s eat anything when young, but their diet becomes specific when they reach adulthood.

Please report any marine animals in distress to the Sheriff's Dispatch 904.824.8304.

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Nesting Activity as of June 24, 2022

North Beaches
Loggerheads: 450 Greens: 8 Leatherbacks: 11 Kemp's Ridley: 1 Total: 470
Anastasia Island
Loggerheads: 101 Greens: 0 Leatherbacks: 0 Kemp's Ridley: 0 Total: 101
Matanzas Inlet South
Loggerheads: 41 Greens: 0 Leatherbacks: 2 Kemp's Ridley: 0 Total: 43
Total: 614


Remember: Leave only your footprints in the sand.