About the SJC Homeownership Program

Mission Statement

St. Johns County Affordable Housing is responsible for the promotion, development, preservation and administration of affordable housing programs, initiatives and policies in St. Johns County. These programs are designed for Affordable Rentals, Home Ownership and Rehabilitation.

To achieve this mission, we will:

  • Provide Information and referral service.
  • Manage our funding resources efficiently, effectively and cooperatively.
  • Network with other agencies that share our goals to improve the quality of life for County Residents.
  • Educate the community about available affordable housing resources
Homeownership Program Background

The SHIP homebuyer program is the most well known purchase assistance program in St. Johns County and for many years, it was the only program in St. Johns County.

The SHIP program is funded by proceeds from documentary stamp revenue. In 2002-2003, the amount of funds received by counties and cities was reduced and capped by the State; meaning that the amount of SHIP funds available for homeownership in St. Johns County is less today than it was in 2003.

Given the current amount of purchase assistance that the average workforce level family would need to purchase a home in St. Johns County today we would not be able to assist many families in becoming homeowners each year if funds from the SHIP program were the only ones used.

Given the great need for homeownership assistance in St. Johns County we use all available state / federal homeownership assistance and subsidized loan programs along with SHIP funds in order to help as many income eligible individuals and families as possible.

This is a complicated process because programs have different guidelines and can be difficult to access. It takes skill to know which can be combined, how to get started, and whether you may need purchase assistance from more than one program.

To assist, the St. Johns County Housing & Community Services Division developed a comprehensive program called the St. Johns County Homeownership Program that brings all of the available resources and contacts together to help prospective home buyers.

The old familiar SHIP program has evolved from the only funding source locally available for homeownership purchase assistance to an additional source of assistance which may be partnered with other state or federal assistance on an as-needed basis.