Land Management Systems

BirdsMission Statement

The Land Management Systems (LMS) Department is comprised of the Real Estate, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Surveying and Mapping Divisions. The LMS Department shall promote rational and efficient government by managing activities related to land and land interests of the County. Those activities include acquiring, managing and dispossessing property interest; creating, maintaining, and analyzing comprehensive information about the County and County owned property in a GIS; and creating and maintaining the County’s repository of historical land records. The LMS Department also provides the Board of County Commissioners and County Departments assistance with research, problem solving, and public interaction for special projects.

Services at a Glance
  • Real Estate
    Acquires land for County use, answers questions regarding County owned property and right-of-way ownership, manages requests to transition private roads to County ownership, and manages requests to purchase surplus property.
  • Geographic Information Systems
    Provides geographically referenced information, in shapefile format, maintained in the GIS Data Library. This GIS Data is viewable through a web based interactive application called iMAP. The GIS Data is also viewable in hardcopy maps, which can be plotted in a variety of sizes, or viewable in Portable Document Format (PDF) maps, which can be downloaded from Map Mart.
  • Surveying and Mapping
    Provides project and geodetic surveying services to various County divisions and departments. Project surveying includes boundary surveys, topographical surveys, and right-of-way surveys. Geodetic surveying includes providing the County Geographic Information System (GIS) Division with geodetic control for the base map layer and County infrastructure mapping.






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