Land Development Code


Land Development Code Amendments: Articles II, VI, IX, and XII – Staff will be proposing amendments to the Land Development Code. These amendments will be heard at a regularly scheduled Board of County Commissioners meeting on June 7, 2018 at 9:00 A.M. [Posted: May 10, 2018]

Land Development Code Amendments: Articles III, VII, and X – Staff will be proposing amendments to Articles III, VII, and X. The second and final public hearing before the BCC is set for June 5th. [Posted: May 10, 2018]

Please see the Proposed Land Development Code Amendments page for more information.


The Land Development Code contains most of the land development regulations governing the development of property within unincorporated St. Johns County. The following are the Articles contained within the St. Johns County Land Development Code. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Download the complete Land Development Code (6.1 MB) or only the sections that you need below.

Table of Contents 
Article Title Adoption Date
Article I General Provisions 07-29-99
Ordinance 2004-51 Amends Article I 06-27-04
Part 1.03 Amends Section 1.03.04 06-08-04
Article II Zoning Districts & Special Uses 07-17-18
Article III Special Districts 06-05-18
Article IV Natural Resources 04-04-17
Article V Development Options 09-07-17
Article VI Design Standards & Improvement Requirements 07-17-18
Article VII Signs 06-05-18
Article VIII Agencies & Boards 09-03-13
Article IX Administration 07-17-18
Article X Interpretations, Equitable Relief, & Enforcement 06-05-18
Article XI Concurrency Management 04-15-14
Article XII Definitions 07-17-18
Appendix A Traffic Methodology & Procedures 04-15-14
Appendix B Characteristics of, Finding of Fact, & Declaration of Policy for Scenic Highways 06-01-10
Appendix C Frontage Illustration 07-29-99
Appendix D Setbacks & Spacing 07-29-99
Appendix E Roadway Functional Classifications 10-17-06
Appendix F Roadway Access Classes 10-17-06
Appendix G Examples of Classification Points & Swapdown 10-15-02

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