Projects, Advisories, Status Updates

Beach Restoration Projects Two separate beach projects have been approved along a portion of South Ponte Vedra Boulevard and Coastal Highway. St. Johns County hosted a community meeting May 22, 2019, to present the two projects and provide information to the affected property owners. Beach Restoration Projects Information

St. Johns County Golf Course Master Plan Update – The St. Johns Golf Club, 4900 Cypress Links Blvd., is currently in the process of a potential Master Plan update that would include repairing, replacing, and updating various aspects of the golf course. St. Johns County released a Request for Proposals (RFP) in November 2018 to determine market interest in a potential partnership to utilize excess land within the golf course in exchange for the renovations. An RFP evaluation committee ranked two qualified proposals during a public meeting in December 2018 and a Letter of Intent was issued to the most qualified applicant, Neighborhood Realty, Inc./McGarvey Residential Communities.

The Board of County Commissioners unanimously authorized staff to negotiate a contract with the most qualified applicant in January 2019. The negotiation process is currently underway and a proposed contract will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration and action at a future public hearing. To receive Golf Course Master Plan Update emails, please forward a request with an email address to For additional information, please call 904.209.0322, email, or view the following documents:

Evaluation Committee Rankings  |  Notice of Intent  |  Neighborhood Realty, Inc./McGarvey Residential Communities Proposal  |  Heritage Development Group Proposal

Buc-ee's Status Update

Buc-ee's LTD has an approved Master Development Plan for 104 fueling stations and a 52,600-square-foot convenience store located in the southwest sector of the Interstate 95/International Golf Parkway interchange. The applicant has submitted a commercial construction plan for staff review; however, a traffic study has not yet been submitted which may in turn warrant transportation-related improvements for the area surrounding the site. At this time, the applicant has not submitted any variance requests to any land development regulations applicable to the property. Should a variance of the zoning or land use be requested, a public hearing process by the Planning and Zoning Agency or the Board of County Commissioners would be initiated. For more information, please review the Buc-ee's Fact Sheet or call 904.209.0583. Please review the Buc-ee's Projected Financial Impact Report for additional information regarding the projected financial impact Buc-ees will have within St. Johns County including values, property taxes, wages, and project costs.






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